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Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash

Tap your way to victory! Explore Su Mon Smash fighting arenas filled with genetically engineered kaiju monsters called Aniforms. Tap to smash your opponents. Tap to activate special abilities. Tap to earn credits. Tap to evolve your aniform. Tap to unlock genetic modifications so you keep earning even when you aren’t tapping. Defeat mighty Champions! Is Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash an idle RPG or a frenetic tapping game? You decide! Free with optional In App Purchases



Smash VR

In this bite-sized taste of tapping excitement you have just 60 seconds to defeat as many opponents as you can. You are at the center of a Su Mon Smash VR arena, surrounded by genetically engineered kaiju monsters called Aniforms. To fight, just aim the center reticle and Tap to Smash. Look all around, they could be behind you! Completely free, with no In App Purchases.

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*** Requires Google Cardboard V2 compatible viewer ***

Star Coliseum of Su Mon Smash

Genetically engineered creatures fighting in spectacular futuristic arenas!

  • Supports Game Controllers
  • 8 Upgradable Aniform types
  • 6 Spectacular Arenas
  • 4 Fight types (Pit Fight, Tournament, Champions, Exhibition)

Star Coliseum is the premier place for aniform jockeys to fight their way to the top of the leaderboards. Battle your way up through 5 divisions of increasing challenge by beating all the league champions. Level up and research new genetic enhancements, special moves, and brutal combos to upgrade your aniforms to ultimately achieve the status of Champion of Champions. Optimized for game pads!

Su Mon Smash

All games have been approved by the Su Mon Smash Ultimate Battle League.

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